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The game;

FIFA 18 football video game is a sports uniform union.

The game features 52 fully licensed anchorage from 12 countries, including a new stadium, and while 30 normal pitch, with the number 82.

The Premier League race all 20 diwakilidalam series.

The comments provided by Martin Seneca, Alan Smith, Alan McInalli (latest update to the game), Jeff Shraves (injury report)

Ron Atkinson (analysis) Mike West (after the decision), and Marcus TildsleyAndy Cicero (male match international).

Last Team to legend Diego Maradona is Ditambahsebagai, and was added to the Brazilian star Marcelo given by Russian goalkeeper Lev Yashin and France star Thierry Henry with 95 points

Systematic requirements for the PC

a minimum;

OS; Windows 7 – 64 bit;

Processor, Intel Pentium or Core i3-2100 @ 4 965 @ Intel


Hard Drive DiperlukanRuang: US

At a minimum graphics cards supported by Intel or NVIDIA GTX CDLXIntelR7 260



This version of the game are hacked – just plug and play.

Further information, future updates and support

# msg236967

How to Install:

After the download is complete;

– open (executable file)

– choose the place;

– click on the button assembly;

– wait for it to finish

– Play the game with a shortcut on your desktop.

If you want to download the rest.


Halo Update 2 + 18

Release date: September 29, 2017.

race / Tags: Sports, Football, a third person;3D

Developer EA Canada;

Publisher Electronic Arts

Platform: PSP

Engine: Frostbite

English, Spanish, Spanish (Latin): German, French, Italian, Czech, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Arabic

Audio languages: English, Spanish, Spanish (Latin): German, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Brazilian -Portuguese, Arabic – In the course of the square there is a story mode in all languages

Crack, built-in (Steampunks)


operatingSystem 7 – 64 bit;

Processor, Intel i3 6300 / Intel (4) 340 -3 / -3 Intel (4) 350


Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB / M CX, RX 460

Director: 11

Hard drive capacity for 46 MB

CAUTION! Only a minimum size repack GB (voiceover to the Netherlands) or GB (when Inggerispemarkahan language), and read every repack role.

Screenshot – If you do not see the screen click to enlarge – off unit


Powered by Frostbite FIFA 18 launched to the line between the virtualworld and the real world requests your players, the team and the atmosphere of “The World” by mutual permainan.Bergerak player Real Player, a new animation system that creates a responsive and relevant to a new trial player – to unlock seconds- Fill in all the dramatic moments can tempt the world. As well as the behavior of global travel, Hunter sebagaiAlex of stars, including Cristiano Ronaldo and other European football star.


The release of the ISO (33,100,791,808bytes) The language file is missing from the increase (GB). Japan is not because it can not be reproduced in digodampembebasan Update 2 (USA) and a new voice Steampunks mounted above; Language support additional STP College and fix the holes. MD5 loss 100% perfect, as with all the original files after installation (not the EXE attempts have been eliminated). Entered updated information. After intrantesludum to “Configure the profile shape need” and not alcohol. If you want to start the slow down of the life in the vine were regulated by God, to be asure to choose “Attack Current Current squad”, the file can be deleted, nothing is coded. Select the download function, you can skip the file comments downloading and installing, you do not need. Archiv magnitude less (when compressed to ~ MB, depending on the components selected ). the clock installation process takes 8-core ~ ​​~ H 4-core processor, the 2-core processor Hours ~ when integrity checks, which is an option that you can make sure that the installed until after installationthe earth was 46 to GB. You can change the game at all lorem language of the GUI, language comments can be changed later in the game based on the fixtures you have installed it. Russia, Spain (LatinAmerika), Danish, Portuguese Brazil and the Arab use of the appropriate DLL folder Enabler_ Roots in the game. Changes can be used for video and audio settings icon on the desktop bit. At least 2 MB percumaingatan variables (including virtual) is required to install this replication. Release of the library ZTool Razor12911 xDeFiAnCeby FitGirl

How to prevent an accident in Chapter 5, “travel”

This game makes mistakes and the public, as it was recently established as a rod with a solution. Secondarily If andamasihCAPUT 5 to play on and is not in English, and restart the “English” In the beginning, then Comment / English to rename history, as well as in the game settings. It happened at the time of failure, you change language bolehbatalkan

After the game on a short term in the black beginning with you

Windows Update and start to install the updates are missing.

Booshowever, the selective

You can skip to load this, if it is pleasing to him, it is not the burdens with commentopus. Here is a list of sample files.

For example, if you want to run the game 3 / German subtitles / Voiceovers – skip all the files on the sample, but download your files (01-06).

Problems during installation?

Read this Troubleshooting Guide

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