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Free PDF to Word Converter is a small application that does what the name suggests. Give it a PDF file and you can convert it to Microsoft Word.

Get PDF in a few moments

PDF files are widely used but require plug-in reader or browser and it is not easy to edit them. Free PDF to Word Converter quickly converts PDF files to Word.DOC file that you can edit. This free version is very simple, but you can still get it to convert a PDF file topicture or not.

All you need to use a free PDF file in Word Converter is the input file box that opens the Finder window to import the PDF file and the Start Conversion button, using four control buttons for minimum options.

More buttons than needed

All remaining in Free PDF to Word Converter opens a website, with hints “like us to Facebook”, “donate us via paypal” and the developer’s homepage. widzisztakżePro version. This includes installation as a demo version that you can purchase in the application. The pro version has a clearer and larger interface, with many other options and handy features, such as the sample window.

Free PDF to Word Converter provides fairly well converted Word files. Formatting is not always good, but once you have the entire contents of a PDF file in Word, you can easily edit it yourself.

Release a small application with many unwantedadditives

The only real criticism that can be made of Free PDF to Word Converter is the large number of buttons and links that are designed to pay for the Pro version, and so on. The installer also has many offers to be rejected if you only want this app. Pro version installed hebbenin this free version, it also means that more disk space than necessary, although you can remove them separately.

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