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The Pinterest Pokki platform is a fun social sharing service that allows you to access your desktop.

There are good online photography from beautiful professional photography photography. You can store things like you like on the computer or you can publish them on Tumblr, but if you’re a fair poster, the conversation will soon be lost. Pinterest allows you to organize your favorite photos and show them to others.

You have traditionally only access to the countryYou can access it through the web application platform. Pokki is available on your desktop. By creating newsletters in your vote, you can set your interests and even sub-categories to search for other Pinterest users. You can add an image to the Pinterest clipboard to directly upload images stored on your computer.

It also offers a sweetheart function You can do the “repeat” image and add it directly to your choice of the clipboard.Nice choice if you follow many other users on this site and find things you like in the message boards.

Pinterest is an attractive and attractive way to organize your photos, where you can find and follow.

Spintires is a game for outdoor trucks. These heavy-duty trucks are difficult to maneuver, and they make it difficult to access heavy loads. This entertaining game is very suitable to keep the giant mechanical under control.

30minute trucks that use fuel

Spintires’s purpose is tricky: the charge moves from one point to another. Where is the challenge? The road meets “roads” with mud, river, vegetation and dirt. Throwing in a truck is very heavy, heavy and difficult, and bend everything that your patience does.

However, these trucks need so much control that a real Spintires truck truck was trying to get some of the best simulators. AttentionYou should drive it so that you do not stay stuck on the four-wheel drive and properly lock the differential. Over time, you will know how to use the towing cable, and you can attach the cord to the trees to get any annoying holes. You can catch it.

Although difficult, you can always change the vehicles and keep those who have stayed in the mud (you will have to do several times). You can also get two trucks and use a third truck. VeryIt’s fun, especially if it takes more than half an hour to get a second truck.

Additionally, you must control the vehicle’s damage and the amount of gas used. Some of these samples use 30 liters burners for each eligible! When they disappear, they need to know what to do: they call fuel, of course.

Spintires has five lands, everywhere difficult to play, but different. If you have a query card, it is not very useful because it hides the playing field,You do not know where to go. It is very important to research and see what it is.

Likewise, you have different types of trucks available to you, by means of extra points of experience, such as trailers, cranes, larger loads and fuel tanks.

Truck management

In the game like trucks, control is difficult and difficult. You need all the time to use the keyboard and mouse to control everything. However, it allows acceleration, change direction and simultaneous use of cranes.

The hardest part of the cameraIt is curious to use (you can move the mouse).

Very realistic physics

Espinsuri surprised everyone is his card. Trucks are very realistic, move, shake and accelerate in a convincing way, sometimes it is forgotten to play a video game. The same is true of effects such as smoke and mud movement (heavy and sticky).

Physics is very realistic and must be taken into account at all times. For example, the load loads can cause the truck to sink in the mud, which is too longif you are Trees and branches tend to play as a real life. In general, Spintires is very realistic.

Prepare for long distances

Spintiresis is not very original, but it has been done very technically. The game is very healthy, as far as menus, interfaces and controls go, but once again the trucks izvarshvate.Vapreki, Spintires, in general, is very funny, but you need patience and nerves.

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The Escapists Download Torrent

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Escapists are a simulator for Penitentiary Breakthrough. Throw it: you’ve always wanted this simulator.

Start: as your choice.

Escapists are like the “Prison Architect”, another prison game, but with much more action. You are a prisoner, and you want to escape. Forthis you need to perform daily tasks (so no one suspects) and use your free time to prepare your fugitive.

If you are looking for a game that is not your hand, you will like escapists. You need to find out if the Titl are unintentional to give their goals or advice.You can negotiate with jailbreaking. Or steal the waiting form. Or steal the tunnel. Or hide their tools in “Escapists” are characterized by their freedom of action.

they have a lot of content. You have many prisons to choose from (with varying difficulty levels). Although prisonsthey are complete details and variables that you want to release more than once in different ways.

The biggest rascal The Escapist guard Waiting for a rest to continue your plans is too great.


Departure Make your own surprisessimplicity. Escapists use only a few keys or buttons, but you no longer need to give the creativity freedom of action or continue your plans. I’m other similar games that you can recapture for the initial investment of control. In a few minutes you are ready to go.

ongraphic level, escapists offer a bird’s-eye view with 8-bit graphics. His music also has a retro-style with many “white”. I can not imagine a better aesthetics, because it reminds me of the classic game “La Abadia del Crimen”.

You are waiting for a big task.

Escapistthere is an original starting point, there is a lot of content and possibilities, and is simple. The control set is displayed, but still powerful. Can you avoid all the problems in the game?

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DFX Audio Enhancer update torrent download

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DFKS Audio Enhancer gives your digital music files more agility and improves your listening experience by improving the quality of music played through your computer, whether it be music files that you own or listen to music onlinesound.


Developers claim that using DFKS Audio Enhancer can convert the sound from your computer to an expensive stereo system “housed in a perfectly designed listening environment”.

DFKS Audio Enhancer seems to work with many services, from music and video sitessuch as IouTube, Pandora and Netflik, as well as music services such as iTunes, Spotifi, VLC, KuickTime and other multimedia players.

The old interface seems to have been dated

There is no other way to say this – DFKS AudioEnhancer looks sticky. There is a kind of “control center” that was popular in the early 2000sand today it looks terrible.

When you’re above the look of DFKS Audio Enhancer, you’d be disappointed to notice that the sliders do not work in this free version. You can easily enable or disable the various options like Fidelity and Hyperbasis.

A meaningless solution

In reality, however, DFKS Audio Enhancer does not addnothing more than a little more body in your music. This means it allows you to control stereo depth, refresh stereo depth, increase the sound level and create deep and rich bass sound.

You can also do the most with a multimedia player withall the features or customization of the sound options on your computer, but many users will appreciate extra comfort to work with all of this through one interface.

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Hamachi is a tool to create and manage private personal networks (VPNs) among many remote computers. You can also compare a safe and secure internal network that can be very important in some games.

A great tool for building VPN

In Hamachi case, you’ll be able to create your own web site: the software shows a real network between remote computers by sharing or playing online games.

Hamachi is the easiest way to access services for servers, firewalls and routers to connectamong several computers. Something that is not enough is that the program will be safe. All communications are hidden and only available to users connected to the Hamachi network.

Hamachi uses a server to access the computer, but all exchange is made using P2P (peer-to-peer) protocols. You can easily publish a document stored on a computer from the office, but also builds a standard Internet for playing games with friends.

Hamachi, model of availability

Hamachi has featuresgood. You can use it on a large computer, but its use is also easy to use. Even qualified users will be able to set up a NetworkManager, easily selecting their name and writing their friends’ profile. Hamachi is very simple and efficient that can not be defeated.

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