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Escapists are a simulator for Penitentiary Breakthrough. Throw it: you’ve always wanted this simulator.

Start: as your choice.

Escapists are like the “Prison Architect”, another prison game, but with much more action. You are a prisoner, and you want to escape. Forthis you need to perform daily tasks (so no one suspects) and use your free time to prepare your fugitive.

If you are looking for a game that is not your hand, you will like escapists. You need to find out if the Titl are unintentional to give their goals or advice.You can negotiate with jailbreaking. Or steal the waiting form. Or steal the tunnel. Or hide their tools in “Escapists” are characterized by their freedom of action.

they have a lot of content. You have many prisons to choose from (with varying difficulty levels). Although prisonsthey are complete details and variables that you want to release more than once in different ways.

The biggest rascal The Escapist guard Waiting for a rest to continue your plans is too great.


Departure Make your own surprisessimplicity. Escapists use only a few keys or buttons, but you no longer need to give the creativity freedom of action or continue your plans. I’m other similar games that you can recapture for the initial investment of control. In a few minutes you are ready to go.

ongraphic level, escapists offer a bird’s-eye view with 8-bit graphics. His music also has a retro-style with many “white”. I can not imagine a better aesthetics, because it reminds me of the classic game “La Abadia del Crimen”.

You are waiting for a big task.

Escapistthere is an original starting point, there is a lot of content and possibilities, and is simple. The control set is displayed, but still powerful. Can you avoid all the problems in the game?

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